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The Centre for Water and Atmospheric Research (CenWAR) is dedicated to the study of two broad thematic areas, namely air and water. As the name suggests, we are an institution based on scientific research mainly focusing on the vast environmental issues plaguing the South Asian region. In addition to conducting independent studies, we work in collaboration with various prestigious national and international institutions working towards a shared collective. Some of our collaborators include JAXA and Nagoya University in Japan, Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) and Tribhuvan University (TU) in Nepal, National Nuclear Energy Centre in Indonesia, Sikkim University in India, Khulna University in Bangladesh and Centre for Climate Research and Development in Pakistan. 

CenWAR promotes the full utilisation of local resources and the subsequent enrichment of local lives not only through analyses involving local and regional research partners but also through the development of high quality, low-cost equipment in our own laboratory; a process entirely funded through research grants awarded to the Centre.

We ultimately aim for a singular goal: the improvement of the quality of life of the South-Asian population through scientific and technological attainment.


Current Projects:

  1. Assessing drought and its impact on food and water resources in South Asia.
  2. Satellite rainfall estimation and validation in the Central Himalayan Region (CHR)
  3. Building low-cost meteorological station for drought study in Nepal
  4. Assessing the state of air quality and its impact on the surrounding environment of Kathmandu, Nepal

Funding Source:

Asia Pacific Network for Climate Change Research  



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