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 The Center for Conservation Biology (CCB) is one of the premier research centers of Kathmandu Institute of Applied Sciences. CCB aims to contribute for a sound basis for the conservation, management, and restoration of biodiversity. In pursuit of its mission, the CCB conducts interdisciplinary research to develop a sound basis for the conservation and management of biodiversity (e.g., species, ecosystem services, etc.) and to identify new priorities in conservation biology. The center aims to develop innovative research methods taking Himalaya as natural experiments.
Scientists at CCB conduct ecological research focussing on diversity of species, habitats, geographical areas and conservation problems. Some of research projects go beyond the traditional frontiers of ecological researchs (e.g., REED+ and human-wildlife conflict), while some others delve on very basic questions of ecology. Please explore our project topics and let us know if they are topics of your intrest.
  1. The species extinctions and biodiversity crisis in the face of climate change
  2. Human dimensions of wildlife conservation in the fragmented landscapes
  3. Threatened species ecology and conservation
  4. Conservation education 

The CCB also conducts regular trainings, workshops and seminars to mentor students and aims to serve a networking center in the country.

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